Considered Consumption

At [BRAND NAME], I create everyday reusables that fill a need, rather than contribute to the spiral of mindless consumption. I believe in a slow creative process — always sourcing natural fabric from Australian artists or remnant materials — then hand-stitching my products on the Mornington Peninsula. I acknowledge everything we do has an impact, on people and the planet, but I’m committed to minimising mine.

Hand-stitched with love
I create my products in small batches and am committed to hand-stitching reusables that are useful, durable and practical.
I don’t believe in putting excess stuff out into the world for the sake of profit — I want the [BRAND NAME] products to last for as long as possible.

Since 2020 I have teamed with Ecologi to create a carbon positive workforce. So far we have planted 191 trees & offset 16.4 tonnes of CO2e.

Please visit Ecologi to see how we are having a positive impact



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